Drip, Drip, Drip

It’s not nothing. Extending a couple standing O’s in the House of Parliament to a former Nazi, as former as a former Nazi can possibly be. Whether or not the incident was due to a shocking lack of oversight in vetting or yet another example of our ongoing national amnesia about our history of harboring Nazis (laid out by Alex Cosh at the Maple last week), it does amount to one more thing. Continue reading

Subwayers Will Be The Death Of Public Transit

Once upon a time there was Transit City.

It was a plan to build public transit (‘Moving Toronto Into the Future’), modest in the sense of seeming achievable in a reasonable time frame and at a feasible cost. Both levels of government, municipal and provincial, were on board and, despite a scaling back of projects by the province in the face of the 2008 recession (brewing bad blood between Queen’s Park and City Hall that would open the door to bad faith actors intent on killing the proceedings), work was begun in 2009. Continue reading

The ‘K’ Word. Say It.

When norms and accepted conventions are blatantly and gleefully run roughshod over, is the best response one that upholds those beleaguered and trampled norms and conventions? Don’t stoop to their level. Maintain precedent. Keep an even keep. The storm will pass. Continue reading