Drip, Drip, Drip

It’s not nothing. Extending a couple standing O’s in the House of Parliament to a former Nazi, as former as a former Nazi can possibly be. Whether or not the incident was due to a shocking lack of oversight in vetting or yet another example of our ongoing national amnesia about our history of harboring Nazis (laid out by Alex Cosh at the Maple last week), it does amount to one more thing. Continue reading

Talk About The Weather

Whether the weather be fine,
Or whether the weather be not

Can we please, for the sweet love of Jupiter thundering, endeavour to restore some sense of sanity, decorum and good olde inanity to our conversations about the weather? Take a step back, a deep breath and get a grip. It is, after all, just the weather. Continue reading

On Avocado Toast & $4 Cups of Coffee

In 2013, Gurner™ was established by Tim Gurner to take luxury lifestyle and development to the next level. Gurner™ became a brand that would inspire the imagination, delivering innovative, design-led experiences.

9 years on and Gurner™ has built much more than reputation. our successful track record is a result of the team’s skilful determination and passionate heart, underpinned by family values and a united commitment to excellence… Continue reading