A Nazi’s A Nazi Is A Nazi

A disclaimer:

I write this from a standpoint of supreme ignorance.

(What’s new! from the back rows of the balcony. That’s never stopped you before! Hush, now.)

I pretty much know next to nothing about Russia and even less about huge swaths of eastern Europe. Continue reading

Talk About The Weather

Whether the weather be fine,
Or whether the weather be not

Can we please, for the sweet love of Jupiter thundering, endeavour to restore some sense of sanity, decorum and good olde inanity to our conversations about the weather? Take a step back, a deep breath and get a grip. It is, after all, just the weather. Continue reading

Hate Inc. — Part IV

[Fast food & Nietzsche in part iv of some serialized fiction. Forgot all about it? Refresh with parts i & ii & iii]

*  *  *

I’m sipping a milkshake, self-consciously, it turns out, after Sarge finished berating me about ingesting anything plant life. You know who subsists on plants? He asks-tells me. Prey. Prey, that’s who. He’s now into his third burger. Just burger. Continue reading