A Nazi’s A Nazi Is A Nazi

A disclaimer:

I write this from a standpoint of supreme ignorance.

(What’s new! from the back rows of the balcony. That’s never stopped you before! Hush, now.)

I pretty much know next to nothing about Russia and even less about huge swaths of eastern Europe. Continue reading

On Avocado Toast & $4 Cups of Coffee

In 2013, Gurner™ was established by Tim Gurner to take luxury lifestyle and development to the next level. Gurner™ became a brand that would inspire the imagination, delivering innovative, design-led experiences.

9 years on and Gurner™ has built much more than reputation. our successful track record is a result of the team’s skilful determination and passionate heart, underpinned by family values and a united commitment to excellence… Continue reading


Pretty much a month late, and in the early morning of the third day of a blistering hot long weekend, the Ontario minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Steve Clark, did as close to the right thing as he’d left himself the option to do by resigning his cabinet post. Continue reading