I Am Risen (No, Not Him)

Funny story—

Cast your mind back to mid-October 2020. Covid’s first fall. Viruses. They grow so fast, don’t they? The U.S presidential election, already rigged, was mere weeks away. Russia earned a spot on the United Nations Human Rights Council. International recognition that would surely keep any authoritarian and militaristic inclinations in check. Canadian Greens elected Annamie Paul as party leader, the next step in what was sure to be the mainstreaming of concrete social progress and legitimate climate action. Continue reading

Dear John*

Look, it’s not you. It’s me. Something’s just not clicking right now, and trying to get that spark back is so tiring and too much effort.

I thought spending a few months apart, earlier this year, putting some distance between us might give me a healthier perspective. dearjohnAbsence making the heart grow fonder and all that. Things wouldn’t look so dim and depressing with the long winter gone. Continue reading