With Olivia Chow elected to be the next mayor of Toronto, surely we can write the final chapter of the interminable, meandering, wholly unsatisfactory, What was it even about? book of the John Tory era. Can’t we? He’s done, isn’t he? The rock has definitively crushed him in his one last attempt to roll it up the hill of relevancy. Hasn’t it? Continue reading

Endorsement 2023

I have an Olivia for Mayor sign in the yard.

Pretty much by reflex.

Yet, I’ve wavered.

Four days before casting a ballot, and I’m still unsure why she’s running for mayor this time around. Yes, yes. For a ‘caring’ city. For better transit. For more affordable housing. For a change from austerity and a baker’s dozen years of conservative rule, the clock down to zero on Tory time. Continue reading


A youngster as Apollo 12 touched the first men down on the moon, I remember, as best as one can remember particular moments 50+ years in the past, where I was at that moment. Outside on my bike. Rocket ships and outer space hold as little interest for me now as they did back then, the horizon of my focus much more prosaic. In those days, probably hockey, Red Skelton and those zany, crazy Looney Tunes. Continue reading