On Avocado Toast & $4 Cups of Coffee

In 2013, Gurner™ was established by Tim Gurner to take luxury lifestyle and development to the next level. Gurner™ became a brand that would inspire the imagination, delivering innovative, design-led experiences.

9 years on and Gurner™ has built much more than reputation. our successful track record is a result of the team’s skilful determination and passionate heart, underpinned by family values and a united commitment to excellence…

I think the problem that we’ve had is that people decided that they didn’t really want to work so much anymore through Covid and that has had a massive issue on productivity. Tradies have definitely pulled back on productivity. They have been paid a lot to do not too much in the last few years and we need to see that change.

We aim to be the world’s leading aspirational lifestyle and design brand, creating world-class spaces where people can live their best lives.

We need to see unemployment rise. Unemployment has to jump 40-50% in my view. We need to see pain in the economy.

INSIDE RICH LISTER TIM GURNER’S NEW ANTI-AGEING, PRIVATE SOCIAL CLUBThe millionaire property developer is on a mission to stay forever young, and is selling his passion to the wealthy middle class through hyperbaric oxygen pods, red light therapy and IV drips.

“Gurner denies it will be a club only for executives and the rich, claiming he will scale many of the anti-ageing techniques that have been the exclusive realm of the uber-rich for a broader audience, with a basic entry membership starting at $150 a week.”

Inspired by global cities and beautiful places, Gurner™ delivers intuitive design, unrivalled amenity and curated communities. We reinvent apartment living in Australia, defining a new culture and lifestyle… a Gurner™ residence exudes warmth and elegance in equal measure. We create true comfort that presents a real sense of home, in enviable locations… helping owners create residences that reflect who they are and what they love…

We need to remind people that they work for the employer, not the other way around. There’s been a systematic change where employees feel the employer is extremely lucky to have them as opposed to the other way around. So it’s a dynamic that has to change. We’ve got to kill that attitude and that has to come through hurting the economy

“The 41-year-old Gurner, valued at $929 million in The Australian Financial Review’s 2022 Rich List – and who billionaire Harry Triguboff has described as ‘the future’ – has $10 billion worth of apartments under way, including on several sites across Collingwood.”

In inner suburbs such as Collingwood… we pay homage to the past by carefully researching the area’s heritage. We immerse ourselves in its story, and honour its history by contributing a new chapter with respect and careful consideration.

Forging new legacies, Gurner™ Group proudly drives urban regeneration, preserving the past so that it can be enjoyed by future generations. Our developments are proud to acknowledge what came before, while bringing neighbourhoods and local streetscapes to life

[Long known as Fitzroy’s grittier neighbour, a steady flow of gentrification has seen Collingwood master some serious low-key cool of late. Possessing just the right amount of edge, what was once one of Melbourne’s roughest, toughest locales is now a cosmopolitan ode to inner-city living.]

The governments around the world are trying to increase unemployment to get that to some sort of normality and we’re seeing it. I think every employer now is seeing it… people are definitely laying people off and we’re starting to see less arrogance in the employment market and that has to continue because that will cascade across the cost balance.

“That’s when he says that he wants to live to 100. It turns out Gurner has become increasingly obsessed about staying young…”

We want you to live to 100 but not just live to 100 – but live to 100 feeling amazing, that’s the aim.

“Gurner says he is one of the guinea pigs for the club’s $250,000 biohacking, anti-ageing packages that include an annual full-body MRI, brain scans and monthly blood testing,”

I get about 250 different tests of my bloods which will say, ‘this month you’re deficient in [vitamin] D, your testosterone is up or down’. Then the physios, dieticians, doctors on call set my regime, he says. I take about 50 or 60 tablets a day. It’s always very specific to my latest results.

We have got some semi hallucinogenics, like an amazing drink made out of kava, it’s a natural drug… We are having a conversation with members around whether they want some medicinal alcohol, so there’s things like 100 per cent agave tequilas, some pretty amazing kombuchas out there.

“Gurner tells me he’s starving, before guiding me into the restaurant where he is brought a small ‘house-crafted protein bar’.”

When I was trying to buy my first home, I wasn’t buying smashed avocado for $19 and four coffees at $4 each. We’re at a point now where the expectations of younger people are very, very high. They want to eat out every day, they want travel to Europe every year.

From the luxe hotel-style arrival experience, to the exclusive services and amenities within Gurner™ Group’s Private and Platinum Clubs, we’ve built a world of unadulterated luxury akin to the globe’s finest 6-star hotels.





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