Once Is A Lifetime

“What would you say, Barnaby, if I told you I’d popped a little LSD before coming out on our walk today?”

“I’d say, Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out, you dirty old hippie.”

Elsie laughs.

That’s nice. Laughter’s been a rare commodity for her since her husband Phillip took ill and died in quick order earlier this year. Requiescat in pace. That’s all she wrote. Continue reading

All Hepped Up On Hype

Waiting in the dentist’s reception area longer than usual, owing to ‘protracted extraction issues’ with an earlier patient, I’m informed, some professions requiring the use of euphemism more than others, I pick up the 29th Annual Hollywood Issue of Vanity Fair from the table beside me.

A shimmering periodical dedicated to showcasing the glitz and glamour of big-time movie and TV stars?


Voice given to the underrepresented and forgotten among us. Continue reading