Mayor Obvious

So late yesterday afternoon Mayor Ford called a press conference outside his office. Hmmm. Big news perhaps? goodnewseveryoneA new budget chief? A confab with the incoming premier about transit strategies? His Super Bowl pick?

As per usual with this mayoralty, there was to be nothing as mundane as all that.

“Ooh, we are going IN the mayor’s office,” the Toronto Star’s Daniel Dale tweeted. “This is not common.”

Along with the gathered press, TTC chair Karen Stintz had dropped by to see what the mayor had to say. This is not all that unusual at City Hall. Councillors frequently hang back and listen to their colleagues’ scrums with the press, many times with the intention of adding a counterpoint when the cameras and mics turn in their direction.

What transpired yesterday however was unusual.

“Ford’s aide tries to bar Karen Stintz and her assistant from his office,” Dale tweets. “’Mayor’s protocol.’ She just confidently walks past him.”

nogirlsallowed2A short time later, Dale continues:

“Stintz to Ford aide Earl Provost, loudly: ‘What am I doing? I just want to hear what the mayor has to say. I don’t hear from him directly.’”

By all accounts from those present, Mayor Ford eventually appeared with nothing much to say, made a pointed reference to the TTC’s sole-sourced deal, announced he disagrees with three previous mayors who just came out against a casino in Toronto, took some questions and exited. Done in a matter of minutes. Just like that.

NOW magazine’s Ben Spurr basically summed it up: “So that was odd. Mayor calls scrum, has no prepared statement, cuts off questions after 2.5 minutes.”

The antics and naked machinations would be laughably cute if they were coming from a six year-old but from the mayor of Toronto?thisisanoutrage

I mean, C’MON!

All week we’ve been hearing from the mayor and his brother about the sole sourced deal the TTC commission signed off on with current operators, Gateway Newstands, to extend their contract on concession stands throughout the system. “This is what happens from a person in my opinion that has never run a business in the entire lives chairing the TTC,” Councillor Ford bleated. “What happened last week was absolutely appalling if you ask me,” the mayor said. “It’s absolutely an embarrassment.”

He went on to say he’d called the TTC chair to get to the bottom of things. She responded that she’d returned the call and left a message but hadn’t heard back from the mayor. No, she didn’t. Yes, he did. No, he didn’t. Yes, she did.

So like anyone with acute leadership skills would do at this point, Mayor Ford slaps together a press conference just in time for the evening news with the sole intent to publicly blast away at a colleague who also could be a rival for his job next year. Except she shows up to hear what he has to say, kind of cramping his style. So, he doesn’t say much. Certainly nothing that everyone hasn’t already heard from him.

orthebunnygetsitIt’s so much easier to lob grenades at people from the comfort of your own cloistered radio show.

So much for Mayor Ford being humbled by his recent adventure in the courtroom. He’s seized onto an issue that breaks down easily into campaign catch-phrases. Sole sourced deal. Another Tuggs? Corruption and skullduggery. Deliberately creating a rift in perhaps the single most important aspect of the city’s business – transit – at a critical juncture when everyone else is preparing to talk about how to finance a much needed regional expansion solely for his own political future.

That’s cancerous governance, pure and simple.

It seems Mayor Ford knows no other way to conduct himself.

If we haven’t already, we just need to accept that fact and push on without him.

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10 thoughts on “Mayor Obvious

  1. i’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again – rob ford is a moron, and anybody that votes for him is a moron.

    • awww, the ndper does not like rob ford. anyone that has a different opinion than you is a moron. I claim YOU are the moron. Just because someone votes differently than you. does not make them a moron.

      • rob ford doesn’t even know what aids is, if you’ve been paying attention.

      • You are the one implying everyone that does agree with you is a moron? Calling people names and making assumptions about who they so you may put them down and shut off conversation make your opinions nearly worthless.
        You need to find out what democracy is, not even sure wha the point you were trying to get at.
        If you want to defend Rob Ford use facts and reasoning.

      • I think what glenn meant was not so much that anyone who votes differently than him is a moron. Rather that anyone who votes for the like of Rob Ford is a moron. But I think you knew that.

    • Read Warren Kinsella’s book “Fight the Right” and learn that the name calling doesn’t change opinion, it just strengthens their resolve.

  2. Real issue is people like you. No matter what Rob Ford does. you will twist things. He could find a cure for cancer and aids. you will still attack and twist things. You have no concept of democracy when people can do things differently. If things are not done your way then you twist things. Get some integrity Darren.

    • Dear Laka,

      We here at All Fired Up in the Big Smoke are not expecting the mayor to find a cure for cancer or aids. We do expect him, however, to display an ability or even interest in leading this city in his capacity as mayor. His unwillingness to do so is what we are criticizing him for here.

  3. My condolences cityslikr – it seems that the pro-Ford commenters have found you out. You’ve been lucky thus far that the Toronto Star has been their target of choice but I guess your luck has run out. I expect the level of discourse will plummet from here on. It’s a shame, really, because dissenting voices can add significantly to an issue. But dissenting voices ought, at the very least, to be somewhat informed on the issue to which they speak. For example, understanding themselves the concept of democracy before accusing someone else of not. Call me crazy, but I prefer to keep my mouth shut rather than show my ignorance by shooting it off. But that’s just me. Anyway, carry on cityslikr – I’m with you!

  4. Speaking as a former resident, I think Rob Ford is the best thing that happened to Toronto. Toronto has had such a conceited reputation as the centre of the universe that they’re hated by Western Canada (being that part West of Mississauga Road). By electing such a buffoon as mayor, Toronto has shown that they have a tremendous sense of humour and that they don’t take themselves so seriously anymore. I can’t wait to see what trouble this clown will get himself into next – you just can’t make this stuff up.

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