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In the end, it was just another day at the office for Mayor Rob Ford. If you tuned into yesterday’s council meeting looking for fireworks, hoping for the mayor and his closest (albeit dwindling) supporters to be breathing fire, scorching the earth around them in defiance of his judicial ouster from office, yeah, that didn’t happen. It was all pretty much routine.

Council gathered, worked through the usual procedural matters. The mayor moved his two key items – one being the plastic bag ban implementation… yes, that… yet again his key item… *sigh* — over to today. The city’s legal staff then made a presentation as to its take on how the mayor’s battle to keep his job would play out. Interesting nugget. It is their view he could not run in a by-election if one was called, stating that ‘the term’ as presented in Judge Hackland’s decision meant the 2010-2014 term not simply Mayor Ford’s term in office. Of course, there were legal recourses he could take to challenge that opinion if he wanted.

And with that, council moved on to the business at hand.

Word soon came that the mayor’s team would be in court next week to seek a stay of Monday’s ruling pending an appeal which, if granted, would keep Mayor Ford in office until his appeal. That was scheduled for early in the new year, January 7th. All things considered, a quick turn around.

Later in the afternoon, after he’d partied it up in Nathan Phillips Square with the Grey Cup champion Toronto Argonauts, the mayor issued a sincere sounding if not worded apology. “Looking back, maybe I could have expressed myself in a different way,” he said at a grim press conference. “To everyone who believes I should have done this differently, I sincerely apologize.”

Yeah. So if you thought I should have done this different, I’m sorry. I’m not really sorry for doing things the way I did.

With that, Mayor Ford disappeared, off to coach his Don Bosco team to defeat at the Metro Bowl and a pledge, word has it, to be on the sidelines again next year. If so, it’ll be a much less controversial season since it may well not be competing with his official duties as mayor.

In his absence, council carried on, sorting out committee appointments for the second half of this term, all of which could be rendered irrelevant if a new mayor comes to pass sometime in the winter months. There was hours and hours of elephant talk, the fate of the Toronto Zoo 3 finally decided and hopefully, fingers crossed, prayers to heaven, never, ever talked about in council chambers again.

All very dry and technical but with a provisional air about it. A council in limbo, patching together an agenda, lacking in a firm direction of leadership. That isn’t new. Arguably, it’s been the situation for over a year now. But the stakes are different.

It’s not about a mayor in absentia. It’s about a mayor under siege, facing the very, very real possibility of removal and a complete changing of the guard. Proceed lightly, folks. The political sand under your feet is shifting sharply.

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6 thoughts on “In Flux

  1. He and lawyers could appeal on that $3150 is NOT a significant amount.
    Ruby could point out that he gets pissed at a 5 cent plastic bag that is still being charged. So with 55,752 bags plus HST that’s $3150 an amount significant to the average Canadian making $45,000ish

    P.S. Huron Heights 28, Don Bosco 14

  2. Oh, just heard Council got rid of the plastic bag ban so whoever can’t use it as a campaigning point.

    Tomorrow is the Budget launch.

    Miller’s last proposed Operating Budget was $9.2 billion.
    Ford’s 2011 proposed budget was greater at $9.4 billion which had cuts to 48 TTC routes, Municipal Affairs library and some child care that was rescued with PROVINCIAL funding.

    Ford’s 2012 proposed budget went down to $9.36 billion because he disrespected the taxpayer by increasing fees and TTC riders an extra dime = $40 million

    So there obviously is not oodles of gravy…

  3. Rob Ford is gone. Legally this is not some tricky, hard-to-interpret case. The law involved is clear and rigid – guilty, he goes, innocent, he stays. Changing the law is a provincial matter – the judge can’t improvise on the spot, whatever some people think. So I’d bet that this appeal is toast. It’s time to move on and find someone marginally rational. My standards are so low I can’t stand it. It’s time to get some work done by people who don’t believe the only job of government is to get rid of itself.

    • Hudak says he’d consider changing conflict of interest laws make the “penalty fit the crime” So if there is a PC majority?! Anyways next year one of the Frods may run in Etobicoke North.

    • Looks like there are several issues with the judges ruling in terms of language and interpretation. Why wasn’t he ordered to pay the money back, which is a usual outcome of a conflict of interest case.

      • Ford was supposed to pay the $3150 personally back to 7 or 8 lobbyists SEVERAL times and didn’t…

        My Question is:Why didn’t the judge removed Ford right away rather than give 14 days
        and why did he not ban Ford for the 7 years so there is no doubt about his participation in a potential byelection?

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