Until We Meet Again. In 2011.

I don’t know how y’all celebrate this particular season but around here we go unplugged. In reaction to the crazy consumerist bent that these holidays have become, awhile back we made the decision to simply take a step back, tune out, turn off, drop out. (I know, I know. That’s not the exact quote. It suits our purposes here.) Starting (roughly) 12 days before Christmas, we go downright Amish minus the barn building and plus the booze. (Do the Amish drink alcohol?)

No TV. No radio. No computer with its internets and Tweeting. Just us and our thoughts. And food. And music. We’re not animals here. And almost a year’s backlog of magazine subscriptions to catch up on. And booze. Did I mention booze?

A tradition which pains me a little this year as it means missing next Thursday’s city council meeting. It’s going to be a doozy! But what’s tradition if you just go around breaking it, willy nilly, on any old thing that catches your fancy? So, forgo the meeting I must. Can’t wait to hear all about it in the new year.

Before signing off for 2010, we’d like to give some shout outs to everyone who’s been following along with us since January.Of course, family and friends who have been very supportive and encouraging and whose names we keep confidential for fear of delivering upon them retribution from all our enemies (you know who you are.) Specifically, a very loving thank you to my wife for indulging me yet another career twist. This one’s going to stick. Really.

Then we’d like to thank the folks over at Spacing and Torontoist for their links to our pieces every now and then. Much appreciated. And Edward Keenan, senior editor at Eye Weekly for acknowledging our minor disagreement with him, pleasantly and politely. (Yes, people. That is a shameless way for us to point out that some very important people have noticed us here at All Fired Up in the Big Smoke.)

Over on the Twittersphere, we want to give a h/t to @paisleyrae for all the regular, sometimes daily links. Thank you very much. And @orwellsbastard for all those #FFs. Much appreciated. I’m sure there are many more folks we’re missing. Our apologies ahead of time. Don’t hate us because we’re forgetful.

Two last big shout outs.

One, to Tim Falconer for his early sage advice and bumps on Twitter that got our site up and moving. Thank you very much. And everyone out there reading this, go get Tim’s books! Buy them, read them and give them as Christmas gifts.

And finally, Jonathan Goldsbie. His overwhelming enthusiasm for our work here was invaluable to bringing us a wider readership, unwarranted for sure but appreciated nonetheless. Without Jonathan’s regular queries about our true identities, Leah McLaren would never have started following us on Twitter. That alone makes us eternally grateful.

Moreover, Goldsbie’s encyclopedic knowledge of what goes on at City Hall and his easy willingness in sharing it with those like us who are woefully ignorant was, at times, incalculable. We won’t ever possibly be able to return the favour, so hopefully a heartfelt thanks will suffice.

For many of us, 2010 was an awful year, politically speaking. Terrible. Disheartening. Disillusioning. We’d like to think it couldn’t get any worse and that we’ve hit rock bottom. But we fear that’s simply rum and egg nog induced wishful thinking. Shit could get a whole lot worse.

Which is why we need to rest up, kick back and take a breather. Enjoy the holidays and prepare ourselves for the battle(s) ahead in the new year. The slog, she has just begun.

So Happy Holidays to all and we’ll see you early in 2011.

Peace out.

seasonally submitted by Cityslikr

6 thoughts on “Until We Meet Again. In 2011.

  1. and thank you for making us aware that the dream of this fair city is just a dream but that there is a star out there that we can wish upon.
    hopefully in your altered state this holiday season you’ll find it and show us where to point and say , there it is, there it is todo or is it toto, whatever, and we’ll all get the big ladder and go there but,
    till then cudos to you for roughing us up and taking a few yourself.
    happy happy

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  3. godspeed, you leftwing kooks.

    im really impressed by the consistent, relentless quality of this blog.

    keep it coming in 2011 cause god knows this city needs more journalism of this calibre.

  4. Thank you for all your work. You’ve quickly become my favourite source for municipal politics writing. I aspire to some day reach the quality and prolificity of this site with my own (currently sclerotic) work. Please keep this up as long as possible.

  5. Welcome to Winter! Yes the Media focussed on the horse race rather than policies. I wanted to let you know that the Budget launch is Jan. 10 and the Deputations on the 19th & 20th. By now you know that the VRT was cut($64M) 44 office budgets saves about ($0.5M) and the essential service will cost the TTC an extra $12M…
    There has been talk of rising Water & Garbage prices that the right wing media would go nuts under Miller but it’s OK under Ford “prudent management of old pipes etc.”

    I hope to see you challenge the Council; all 45 members that will have their “recorded votes”/promises until they get comfortably in power and the residents of Toronto get the same old same old. Cheers, Sonny

    • Absolutely Sonny. What would you think about trying to challenge the Press? That looks like an easier task than trying to effect change at Council now. The Press has a great influence over Council. They need to do a better job, not simply reporting.

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