… Goodbye City Life

We’re packing up and heading home. Back to the ho-hum, the dreary drudgery of every day life. Leaving behind the bright lights of the Great White Way for the dim luminescence of energy efficient bulbs.

While we’ve only been here a few days, it feels much, much longer. New York has changed us. We walk slightly faster than we did before we visited. We talk slightly louder. A pizza is no longer a pizza. It’s a pie.

Will we be able to readjust to the bumpkin level pace of Toronto? The monotony of hayseed life may well crush our new found spirit of adventure and bellicosity. We will demand to jaywalk with impunity and smoke wherever… the local city ordinances tell us we can which seem far more restrictive than they do in Toronto. Weren’t we supposed to get that ban on outdoor patios too?

New York, it’s been a slice. You are that thing we will always have on the side. Fun, exotic, impulsive and ever so slightly dangerous (although not as much as when you were younger). You are the city we visit but would never think of settling down with. A failure of nerve and imagination on our part. There is too much of you for us to embrace. We are simply not up to the task.

Until we meet again…

submissively submitted by Cityslikr

2 thoughts on “… Goodbye City Life

    • Dear Tom,

      Let’s just say that two of us here at All Fired Up in the Big Smoke fought temptation and flew from Pearson. While the weakling amongst us was plied with free liquor and treated like a king, the joke was ultimately on him because he had to fly into Newark not New York.

      Ha, ha.

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