It’s Called Yankee Stadium

So it appears that the 27 time World Series champion New York Yankees play their home games at a place called Yankee Stadium not Yankley Stadium as it read on our computer printout page of the tickets Acaphlegmic purchased online last week. This became clear to us upon our arrival at an eerily quiet Yankee Stadium over the weekend. A couple very bemused security guards informed us that the defending champion Yankees were in fact out on the west coast playing the Angels of Los Angeles and would not be back in town until next week, long after we returned home to Toronto. Something someone probably should’ve confirmed before pressing the computer’s ‘Enter’ key to finalize a financial transaction with a friend of a friend of a guy that this guy knew on the internet.

A valuable lesson to be learned the hard way about engaging in e-commerce. Be fully informed of all the details before handing over important financial information to unknown, unsecured sources. And be equally vigilant when granting access to the corporate credit card as some people, it would seem, are not thorough enough to handle such responsibility. At least not without proper adult supervision.

Now, if we want to take in a ball game while here in New York, we are left with the unappealing option of watching the Mets in the rain in Queens. It’s almost enough to take the wind out of the sails of a springtime trip to the Big Apple. Almost.

chidingly submitted by Cityslikr 

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