Em & M Live!

“So my mom texted and asked me to check in on my dad.”

“Oh oh. Everything alright?”

“Well, yeah. You know. It’s my dad. So… She was just looking for a second opinion, I guess.”

“They back together now?”

“God no. That’s never going to happen, M. They’ve got a perfectly good arrangement. They like each other. Just can’t live under the same roof. You know. Their houses are just down the street from each other.” Continue reading

In Defense of Punditry

It takes a certain kind of person-ality, largely of the xy persuasion – diversity! – to boldly state a case that some might label ‘opinion’ (simply because they disagree), and stick to it, through thick and thin, feast and famine, boom and bust. Forge on in the face of adversity and derision, unmoved, undeterred. Like a pit bull, jaw tightly clamped down on the facts of the matter, refusing to be persuaded to the contrary regardless of any whimsical change in the fickle weather of modern civics. Beat them between the eyes with a lead pipe all you want. They will not let go. Ever. Continue reading