Once Is A Lifetime

“What would you say, Barnaby, if I told you I’d popped a little LSD before coming out on our walk today?”

“I’d say, Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out, you dirty old hippie.”

Elsie laughs.

That’s nice. Laughter’s been a rare commodity for her since her husband Phillip took ill and died in quick order earlier this year. Requiescat in pace. That’s all she wrote. Continue reading

Talkin’ ‘Bout Their Generation.

“The big VD, Em.”

“Oh my. What?”

“Victoria Day. May Two-Fer.”

“Ahh, right.”

“Canada’s unofficial summer kick-off. Except in Quebec. All celebratory fireworks, I trust?”

“I had a lovely 2 day weekend, M. And you?”

“Pretty much as you’d expect with a toddler and wee infant in the house. Like every other weekend except longer, thanks for asking. Just two days for you, though. What happened on the third?” Continue reading