Today we talk transit with’s Rahul Gupta. And it’s not all about the Scarborough subway!

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3 Responses to Metrolinx

  1. ricktwx says:

    Hi all, Really enjoyed the Metrolinx episode on 3 Twits – hope Rahul can be a regular, even if he doesnt know you can use bypass trcks to run local and express together, or forgot that the reference cities that UPX used who built business class premium fare services already had affordable public rapid transit connections in place to their airports for the majority of city-dwellers.

    A couple of things to add into the dialogue.

    The Premier framed the last provincial election as a Transit Election (her words). She got lots of enthusiastic support from her promised “commitments’ of tax dollars for electrification to be built (as in completed, not started) within 10 years. Bruce McCuaig was already n record that the earliers the electrification of the Union-Pearson corridor could be done was 2017. At Metrolinx Board last Fall assurances were asked for by Board Chair Rob Prichard, and given by President of GO Transit (previously Vice-President,Capital Infrastructure) Gord Percy and VP Planning Leslie Woo that yes the program could be delivered within 10 years. Now, in an interview with Tess ant the Star, Bruce McCuaig says provincial austerity means no electrification started until 2023 – -a full year after John Tory plans to have his electric, multistop, affordable public transit SmartTrack up and running. Minister DelDuca said that the Ministry of Transportation would be paying the tab for electrifying SmartTrack…is that still happening, and will it be done within the Mayor’s timeframe???

    Second, the discussion about economic impact of transit investment is a critical one, and your linkage to Hulchanski’s work is particularly relevant. Community and labour movement activists working in historically disadvantaged areas and with equity seeking groups have organized to form the Toronto Community Benefits Network. TCBN is leveraging transit investment to connect jobs and economic opportunities to where they are most needed. TCBN and Metrolinx have signed a Community Benefits Framework; language has been included into the LRT tenders for Eglinton Crosstown that were just awarded; and the next 6 months will be working with Metrolinx, Ellis Don, SNCLavalin, AECON, Dragados and ACS Infrastructure Canada to get clear commitments and accountability systems established covering hiring and subcontracting before work starts in 2016. TCBN in a coalition of others(see the Ontario Non-Profit Network )
    have also pressed the province to make legislative change. Community Benefits are now a principle within the new Ontario Infrastructure Jobs and Prosperity Act that passed a week ago. (see: ) This legislation will set in place a planning and implementation framework for 130 Billion of infrastructure projects to be delivered Ontario wide over the next 10 years.

    Rick Ciccarelli

  2. Canadachick says:

    Good conversation. But it amazes me how much money we waste on all of this “talk” and planning … yet no action ever accompanies this. We wouldn’t need revenue tools if we just used the money we paid Metrolinx staff to research and plan for years on things that never materialize. A lot more action and a lot less “talk” would solve a lot of problems.


  3. Canadachick says:

    Another problem is that those of us outside of the GTA do not want to pay for GTA transit. Revenue tools that affect non-users won’t go over outside of the GTA.


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