A Letter From Our Mayor (With Some Early Edits)


Dear Friends (Folks, really. But I’m trying to be all mayor formal here.),

Over the last few days, we have heard a lot of talk about Toronto Community Housing. (Disregard everything you’ve heard. All of it was lies, political smear jobs and witch hunting.)

I am here today to ask people to put politics aside (Politics in its original meaning, meaning views of those who oppose or disagree with me. Look it up.) and look at what is best for both the staff, and the residents of Toronto Community Housing. (FORD MORE YEARS! FORD MORE YEARS!)

Four years ago, Toronto Community Housing was in a state of disarray – overspending, ineffective operations, and a culture of entitlement (David Miller. BOOGILY-BOOGILY!!) meant that the TCH didn’t work for the people it was supposed to serve.


Over $90,000 spent on 2 Christmas parties, chocolates, manicures, and boat cruises, just to name a few items. (Please avert your eyes from the nearly $1.4 million increase in severance payouts since I became mayor over the previous 3 years. Nothing to see there.)

When I became Mayor I vowed to clean up this mess. (And build subways. And make no service cuts, guaranteed.)

We made some tough decisions that were necessary to get things working again. (Which totally explains why both the state of good repair backlog and waiting list for housing at the TCHC has increased during my time in office… No, wait. It doesn’t. Never mind. Delete! DELETE!)

Working with the Board a new CEO was hired and new senior management – with strong and clear mandates (Remember, folks. Having a mandate means doing whatever you want to do regardless of rules and regulations. Sometimes that even means kicking out old freeloaders who don’t pay their rent. There’s no ‘t’ or ‘c’ or ‘h’ in free lunch.) – to make Toronto Community Housing work for the people of Toronto.


Eugene Jones has done what was necessary to root out the people at TCH who were working in an environment of entitlement. (Burn, burn, BURN, BURN IT TO THE GROUND!!!!) He is bringing people on board who see the work that needs to be done, they are getting it done, and they are the right people for the job. (Team players. Team Ford players. God bless Ford Nation.)

Eugene Jones was brought to TCH to clean up a mess. (It’s messy, cleaning up messes. You can’t clean up a mess without creating a mess. Without a mess to clean up, you can’t clean up any messes.) It’s a simple as that folks. (Never ever think anything is complicated. It only leads to having to clean up messes.) Corruption (Completely different from cronyism. Corruption leads to messes. Cronyism cleans up messes.), waste, and poor service to tenants were major problems and Eugene was told to clean it up. He has done an excellent job in doing so. (Didn’t I tell you to ignore those increases in state of good repair backlogs and housing waiting list?)


Tomorrow morning, the Board of Toronto Community Housing will meet to decide the future of Eugene Jones. The meeting starts at 8:00 AM at their head office, 931 Yonge St, just north of Yonge & Davenport. (8a.m. is a bit early for the hardest working mayor Toronto has ever had. I’ll be there in spirit, and even then, probably late.)

Come out and show support for a man whose key message has always been to Put The Tenants First. (Bet you didn’t know that, did you? Because I just made it up for this letter.) Show your support for Eugene Jones. (Never mind. Show your support for Eugene Jones by re-electing me this October so I can re-hire Eugene Jones. FORD MORE YEARS! FORD MORE YEARS! ME AND MR. JONES! ME AND MR. JONES! But I’m totally not playing politics with this.)

As always, please contact me at 416-397-FORD (3673) or email me at mayor_ford@toronto.ca if I can ever be of assistance to you. (And I’m desperately trying to replace that voters’ list I lost in one of my drunken stupors, probably.)


Yours truly,

Mayor Rob Ford



Mayor Ford’s Four Priorities:

1 Customer Service Excellence (Through Creating A Culture Of Fear)

2 Transparent & Accountable Government (The Ombudsman Has To Go)

3 Reduced Cost and Size of Government (See Point 1. It’s Just Basic Math)

4 Transportation City (Subways, Subways, Subways)

10 Responses to A Letter From Our Mayor (With Some Early Edits)

  1. Lene says:

    I’ve never agreed with Rob Ford before, but there’s a first time for everything… I’m a TCHC tenant and have witnessed firsthand the phenomenal difference Gene Jones has made. Tenants are now being treated with respect and there is a completely different atmosphere of putting residents first. The question is whether it will last after today.

    • steve says:

      Your missing the point. He failed as a CEO he could have done what you feel he did by following the rules.
      Beijing and Russia got the Olympics up and running on time and put on a spectacular show. But at what cost?

    • Sonny says:

      Dearest Lene; Jones has decided to leave with a $200,000.00 package. It is up to you and your fellow tenants to contact the new CEO and the Jones legacy staff to put you first…

  2. Simon Says says:

    In the TCHC system, who is more important the tenants or the paper pushers who got their feelings hurt or lost their jobs?

    • steve says:

      The TCHC did not get any better it got worse and it cost the taxpayers $1.6 million dollars. Is this not supposed to be a time of respect for the taxpayer?

      • Simon Says says:

        Extended family members who are social work and public health nurses said the situation in the buildings had gotten better and things were getting done. When you have a system filled with rot, there is some pain in change. It looks like the cookie jar was taken away and people feelings got hurt.

  3. Sonny says:

    Jones was let go by a Ford approved board! A Ford campaign volunteer; Overholt was fast tracked. Jone’s assistant reached over $100,000 that Eugene tried to cover up. Not to mention the head of HR was hand picked that led to firings and then certain hirings…this does not bode well for Ford’s reelection.

    Mayoral candidate; Matt Mernagh was a speaker at the 420.
    Ari Goldkind represented sexual abuser Stuckless.
    Also this candidate joined the race in March.

  4. Gene Jones was witch hunted out of TCHC and Susan Gapka led the pack of rabid wolves calling for his dismissal One day there will be the political will to get rid of the behemoth TCHC is and will always be I wavered and am ashamed of myself for not believing in the best most profound mayor we have ever had Proud Fordista.

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