A Friday Exclusive

(So recent news out of Ottawa has it that the Prime Minister’s office has compiled a list enemies, the Tricky Dicks they can be. But we here at All Fired Up in the Big Smoke picked up a big scoop today. Scrawled on a napkin in a council chamber wastebasket was a crumpled up jumble of names. We have no proof who this is from, but we have some guesses. Here it is for you, dear reader.)

*  *  *


 My enemy list

  1. Adam Vaughan
  2. George Smitherman
  3. The socialists
  4. The Toronto Star
  5. The CBC
  6. The Globe and Mail
  7. Gawker, but not Deadspin
  8. Streetcars
  9. Streetcars
  10. Streetcars
  11. Kerry Fraser
  12. Thugs
  13. Hugs
  14. Uggs
  15. Bicycles
  16. Wiretaps
  17. Ray Finkle
  18. Math
  19. Margaret Atwood
  20. Street nurses
  21. Misnomers
  22. Snitches
  23. TV cameras
  24. .GIFs
  25. Karen Stintz
  26. The NDP
  27. The Liberals
  28. The Lemon Party
  29. Starscream
  30. Rik Emmett
  31. Rick Astley
  32. Huron Heights Warriors
  33. Taxes
  34. Olivia Chow
  35. Clay Davis
  36. Clayton Ruby
  37. King Sombra
  38. Adam Chaleff-freshuidecihbhibcw
  39. Integrity Lady
  40. Judith Butler
  41. Glen MurrayGlen Murray
  42. Section 37 funds
  43. Gary Webster
  44. Will McAvoy
  45. Stuart McLean
  46. John Filion’s hair
  47. Kaiju
  48. Josh Matlow
  49. Paying for things
  50. Space and time

scoopily submitted by David Hains

10 Responses to A Friday Exclusive

  1. Ron Wheeler says:

    Damn you Rik Emmet….damn you all to hell!!!!!

  2. Sonny says:

    I would have added Kevin Donovan & Robyn Doolittle who also saw the Video and did not get sued. They are still investigating Rob’s intoxicating behavior; which I suppose the new staff have yet to try to cover up or change the topic.

    A.H. Sep. 30, 2011 – 80,955

  3. Simon Says says:

    “I will rule the universe, even if I am the only one left in the universe.” – Starscream

    ps: Need to get something happening on the blog. Getting a bit dry to read.

    • Sonny says:

      Where was Ford when yesterday’s storm hit. Oh yeah to watch football in Winnipeg.
      My neighbour 3 houses down had a tree fall on the side fence to the adjacent street. Already was having someone cut it to pieces this morning. So that’s it; do the individualistic thing till you need the insurance company to cover…

  4. Ron Wheeler says:

    PS…Mark Towhey and sometimes Kouvalis

  5. Ron Wheeler says:

    ….and the Thompson cabal.

  6. Ron Wheeler says:

    …..and their sneaky lefty green grapes. Ya can’t trust a grape without seeds.

  7. pedro jesus manuel says:

    i feel bad because I’m not on the list!

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