The Verdict

There’s not really much else to write about at this point, is there.

Anyone paying any attention to Toronto’s political scene is waiting to hear about the fate of our mayor in his conflict of interest case.

I’ll only say this.

Whatever happens, whatever the outcome, no one should be the least bit surprised that we’re here, hanging on the results of this news. It’s kinda, sorta what happens when you elect a maverick to office. Defying convention. Playing fast and loose with the rules.

Skirting established protocol simply comes with the territory when you want to shake up the status quo.

My only prediction is that a scot-free acquittal for Mayor Ford in this case – still the mayor, no legal admonishment, no financial repercussions – will, in his mind and the minds of his supporters, vindicate his way of doing business at City Hall. Full steam ahead, folks. He’ll even have a court sanctioned mandate.

So the ‘chorus of boos’ he heard at a supposed apolitical event like Saturday’s Grey Cup rally will fall upon deaf ears. As will the concerns expressed about his governing style by one of his closest council allies and political mentors, Deputy Mayor Doug Holyday. “You can’t open yourself up to these situations because it’s too much of a drain on you personally,” the councillor said, “a drain on you financially, it’s a drain on your family and I suggest it’s a drain on council.”

An unrepentant Ford? M’eh. The judge said everything was A-OK.

Whatever constraints he felt previously (and there is precious little evidence of any) will be gone. No lessons learned. No modifications to his behaviour. Any further claims made against the way he conducts his business as mayor will be brushed off as nothing more than cheap politics from his most die-hard opposition.

That is the main reason I want Mayor Ford at least legally sanctioned, his wrist slapped. He may not take any heed of it. Past experience shows us he won’t. But at least, the rest of us will know that there are consequences to the actions you take regardless of how much of an outsider and reformer you claim to be.

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