Don’t Cry For Me I’m In Argentina

Here’s the kind of municipal politics obsessive I’ve become. When the possibility of a September trip to Buenos Aires came up earlier this year, I desperately tried to plan it when things weren’t going to be happening around City Hall. I thought I’d nailed it for next week, when I might miss the Executive Committee meeting but not one at council. Alas, for whatever reason, they changed the date of the council meeting and now I’ll be missing that one too. I’d kept my itinerary close to the chest but clearly news leaked and the powers that be pulled the old switcheroo in order to avoid my baleful watch.

So now I will be unhappily ensconced down in South America while the fireworks fly up here in Toronto. That can only mean I’ll be drowning my sorrows in vats of Malbec and pounds and pounds of beef. Tango myself to distraction.

Then I realized that with such an… activist, let’s call them, administration busy as beavers down at City Hall, the fireworks are always going to be flying. There will never be the ideal time to be away. Hell, if you don’t ever want to miss a beat, you’d have to set up camp down in Nathan Phillips Square and I think Mayor Ford is looking to make that type of participation illegal.

Argentina beckons, people. I’ve resisted too long. But I leave knowing vigilance is strong. I sense this will be a good week for those of us opposing what the mayor is attempting to do to this city. I will revel in it upon my return.

Rage on!

— Porteñoly submitted by Cityslikr

2 Responses to Don’t Cry For Me I’m In Argentina

  1. Christina says:

    Enjoy yourself, there will be plenty of fireworks when you get back! We’ll keep the protest fires burning for you!

  2. Sonny says:

    That means you’ll miss the citizens being denounced by Mammo for giving a deputation! I would recommend wearing a brown shirt or giving him the hail. As a gag we could give him the cologne “Brut” so he can smell like a greasy…–taxpayers-vs-citizens

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