Meet A Mayoral Candidate — On Vacation

We’d like to say that this was a planned break in our weekly profiling of Toronto’s “other” mayoral candidates but that would be a bold faced lie and, if nothing else, we pride ourselves here at All Fired Up in the Big Smoke at keeping our lies to less than a bold faced minimum.

Let’s chalk it up to a fireworks miscommunication. Where I said, don’t bring that ignited Roman Candle or whatever it was into this office and they said, don’t worry, we just want to shoot it off out of the window from up here.

What ensued was not so much fire or smoke damage but some serious problems caused by the water cascading down all over the place from the sprinkler system that we did not know even worked let alone how to turn off.

Long story short, notes were lost, computers malfunctioned and we were caught out unable to access the information needed to post today’s Meet A Mayoral Candidate entry. So we will postpone it until next week at this time and try to enjoy the rest of the long weekend while cleaning up the mess in the office, filling out insurance claims forms and petitioning to ban the use of fireworks within the city limits.

smoke scentedly submitted by Cityslikr