Giam-boner Addendum

It seems that Adam Giambrone has pulled out (the sexual puns are almost involuntary at this point) of the mayoral race. One of his aides made the announcement after Giambrone had left his brief news conference this morning.

(A facetious rather than inspirational slow clap, that is)

So a big huz-zah and congratulations to you the Toronto Star, Linda Diebel and Royson James. You bagged yourself a stag to strap onto the front of your car and drive around town with. Let me be the first to say that you are all credits to your profession and your friends and family should be mighty proud of what you’ve accomplished.

And to the candidates still in the race? Keep those skeletons safely secured in your closets. The Star smells blood in the water.

sarcastically submitted by Cityslikr