A Long Weekend Sunday Blues


As former Toronto chief of police Bill Blair rides off into the sunset of federal politics, Two Twits Talking look back in anger (and much wailing and gnashing of teeth) at the legacy he leaves behind, a combination of unfulfilled promise and a toxic chemical trail of distrust and outright animosity.

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The Gift That Just Keeps Giving

As best we can, we promise not to make this a weekly (daily?) habit. Highlighting the latest Rob Ford eye-popping head-scratcher is too easy. Like shooting fish in a barrel. A barrel with no water. And with one of those huge ass, on-the-shoulder anti-tank guns.

So easy as to almost make you feel embarrassed for doing it. A bully picking on the fattest, dumbest, most disagreeable kid in the school yard. You don’t want to but you just can’t help yourself.

Besides, the man is running for mayor.

We’ve already publicly shaken our collective heads at some of candidate Ford’s ideas that emerged during the first unofficial official mayoral debate last Monday. Somehow this little gem whizzed in under our radar until a couple days ago. It seems that a Mayor Ford (the bowels loosened a little just writing that) would seek to bring back Julian Fantino as Toronto’s police chief.

Wha’!?-Huh?!?-You Got To Be Joking!-Are You Nuts?!-What The Fuck Is On Your Mind!?!-Wh-wh-whaaAAAATT?????

It is a testament to just how out of step Ford is with what’s been going on in this city that he could even contemplate restoring such a divisive figure as Fantino to the office of police chief. Has the councillor not noticed how quiet and peaceful relations have been between the public and the police since Fantino left in 2005? Aside from the annual questions about its ever-growing budget demands, calm has descended under Bill Blair’s watch. Meanwhile controversy and cantankerousness have followed Fantino to his position as OPP commissioner just as they did here in Toronto and during his tenure as police chief in London throughout the 90s.

Why would Ford even contemplate stirring up the hornet’s nest again with Fantino? What does it say about him as a politician and possible mayor? (Yikes! The bowels went jittery again.)

Like Fantino, he displays little aptitude for working well with others. He has no time for those who don’t share his point of view. What he thinks of as down-to-earth bluntness and straightforward directness is, in fact, bull-headed, willful stubbornness and single-minded ignorance. Qualities you might find admirable in a guard dog but wholly ill-fitting in a mayor of a metropolitan city.

Why, oh why, is anyone other than the truly boneheaded taking this man’s candidacy as mayor of Toronto at all seriously?

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