The Righteous Indignation of the Sanctimonious Small Mind

If after two and a half years you’re still trying to get a handle on what drives Ford Nation, to pop open the hood and see the grinding of the gears, to catch a glimpse into its beating black heart, allow me to introduce Exhibit A.onthecouch

I’ll set the table for you first.

It’s during Tuesday’s city council debate. The item is a request for a report from the City Manager on an exemption to the commercial jet ban at the island airport for Porter Airlines. Like everything else about the island airport, the issue is heated and contentious.

Up stands Councillor Mike Del Grande to wade in with his thoughts. Remember the topic. A report. From the City Manager. Exploring the merits (or not) of lifting the current ban on jets flying in and out of the island airport. Porter Airlines. Jets. Island Airport. Staff Report.

Take it away, Councillor Del Grande…

Umm… What?

A quick reminder. A report. From the City Manager. Exploring the merits (or not) of lifting the current ban on jets flying in and out of the island airport. Porter Airlines. Jets. Island Airport. Staff Report.

I guess somewhere in there is an attempt at a logical through line that with jets, whatdidhejustsayPorter would experience an overall expansion of operations and, with that, more jobs although given the company’s labour dealings right now with its striking fuel handlers it’s tough to say that would necessarily be a good thing for the overall economy.

But frankly, I’m stretching to give those five minutes any kind of coherent narrative. It’s really nothing more than impenetrable resentment and anger directed at those who, what did the councillor say, come to City Hall, impolitely bullying councillors and “… sit there smug because you got it good and other people don’t have it good.”

Now, it always bears pointing out that, back a little while ago when this very councillor was the city’s budget chief, he derided the widows and orphans for wanting cupcakes. And somehow he now views himself as a class warrior, looking out for the have-nots? And standing up in defense of re-opening an agreement that would allow one company to buy a fleet of jets it’s already pre-ordered with delivery contingent on the city now allowing it to fly jets in and out of the airport will somehow bring prosperity to the land and spread the wealth around?

Trying to piece together such rantings is entirely beside the point.angrywhiteguy

Like the mayor and the mayor’s brother, Councillor Del Grande’s outbursts are never about making a particular point. It’s always about the anger. The entirely misplaced feeling of alienation. These guys don’t give a shit about the existence of the very real underclass in this city. If they did, they would be entirely different kinds of politicians.

They rail and fulminate against those who don’t see the world exactly like they do, don’t live their lives exactly like they do. There’s no rational sense behind it. It’s just a vituperative antagonism to anyone or anything they see as different or holding dissimilar views.

Looking out for the little guy? Hardly. It’s basic chest-beating tribalism. A noxious mix of rigid ideology and angry opposition that makes for potent noise-making but ineffectual and divisive governance.


lividly submitted by Cityslikr

11 Responses to The Righteous Indignation of the Sanctimonious Small Mind

  1. Sonny says:

    Porter/Deluce agreed to use turboprops until…
    You could add Holyday to the Fords/ Del Grande voting block of last week.
    I suppose it will be the real Christians that help the sick, poor, widows & orphans…

  2. Chris says:

    So al of the big bully residents in the room who have a problem with the Porter expansion can just go jump in the lake as the Ford camp bows to little innocent Porter (the real bully in this case). I personally don’t care what they do one way or the other, but this line of talk is pretty despicable.

  3. Simon Says says:

    If I had money, I would lease a place and serve up some tasty sandwiches and expensive coffee to all those waiting for either the ferry or the water taxi to the island airport. There are many a person waiting, wanting a sandwich and a golden opportunity to make some cash and pay taxes.

    • Sonny says:

      You could have Del Grande as the ranting entertainment of the outrage of the flyers of Porter…

      • Simon Says says:

        No, but would most likely provide some jobs and a service people are looking for.

      • Sonny says:

        Simon; run the video of Del Grande and you’ll realise what a douche bag he is vis a vis Rob Ford….

  4. Patrick Smyth says:

    ” These guys don’t give a shit about the existence of the very real underclass in this city.”

    Why pontificate about only three of them? Rigid ideology?

    • cityslikr says:

      Dear Mr. Smyth,

      If you use this opportunity to talk your NEON affordable housing talk without linking to anything that backs up your claim, we here at All Fired Up in the Big Smoke will be forced to yank your commenting privileges leash even tighter.

      Just sayin’.

      • Simon Says says:

        Find it interesting that you are muting the conversation…its…so progressive of you.

      • Patrick Smyth says:

        The folks at AFUITBS are very pretentious. As if you would ever pursue a story that has your idols in a twist!

        It’s only your naivety that has you thinking my comment refers to the NEON affordable housing scandal.

        It’s a pity you rely so much on others for your writing. Why not think for yourself for a change? Widen your experience a bit, like.

  5. katiemjy says:

    Sometimes I truly despair…

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