Summer Recess

No more tweeting/No more netbooks/No more Speaker’s dirty looks..

Council’s Out For Summer!

At least, we think it is.

Last year with the Core Services Review and surprise attack on the Port Lands, there didn’t seem to be a down period at City Hall. This summer, things seem to be shaping up a bit differently. There’s no wind behind Mayor Ford’s sails. He currently does not have the look of a world beater. So maybe some down time is in order. Hit a few of the festivals around town. Grab some cottage time up north. Knock on a door or two, let the folks know that if they need anything, some help in the garden, washing their car, the mayor’s just a phone call away.

So, we too are going to log some reduced summer hours around these parts. Catch up on some reading. Take in a ball game or two. Maybe head off somewhere cool and breezy. We hear the U.K. is having itself a sunshine-less summer!

Then come August, we’ll ease back into things. Fiddle with this site a little. Spend some time over at this place here, getting the old activist muscles in swimsuit shape.

It won’t be all cold turkey, see you in September. We’ll keep in touch. Chime in with a few thoughts every now and then. But mostly the next little while’s going to be all about sippin’ on gin and juice, laid back…

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2 thoughts on “Summer Recess

  1. Could be that last year before the Provincial Election any majority gov’t was in doubt! The Libs came close; which means the ND or PC have the balance… cuz Toronto is a creature of the PROVINCE…

    • Wanted to let you know that there was a BBQ where 23 people got shot and a couple of young people died. Ford said that Toronto is safe and suggested going back to doing things like shopping after the Eaton Centre shootings?!

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