Arizona Wants Me

So while all you are mobilizing the troops for next week’s transit battle, I’ll be heading out for an extended weekend trip to find me an honest to god LRT. Ride it. Test it. Confirm my bias. Conduct an objective analysis. See if they’re as spiffy as all that plus a bag of peanuts.

Off to Phoenix, I am, to ride the Metro Light Rail. Our friends over at Spacing wrote about it three years ago.

And if said LRT takes me past a ballpark where Cactus League is well under way, well, I just might have to hop off and check it out. A game or two or five. What’s the harm in all that? Why would I possibly turn down the chance to check out baseball where, scuttlebutt has it, even the worst diamond is better than the best diamond over there in the Grapefruit League in Florida? You can’t ride an LRT for 3 days straight, dammit! Although, you could if the only alternative was a subway.

I will be back in time to speak of what I’ve discovered firsthand of this technology called LRT before city council makes a decision on Wednesday. And maybe discuss how Albert Pujols looks in a Angels uniform. Or, if I’m really lucky, what could’ve been if the Blue Jays landed Yu Darvish although, their projected starting rotation is looking just fine without him at the moment…

And of course, who doesn’t want to spend at least one St. Paddy’s day in the Arizona sunshine before they die?

grand canyonly submitted by Cityslikr

4 thoughts on “Arizona Wants Me

  1. If you can tear yourself away from the tracks/diamond go to Los Charros on Van Buren. Yummy yummy!!!
    Their LRT is so what we could have. Perhaps take a portable odometer? Put the BS about how slow they are to death.
    Party on!!

  2. You’re gonna miss another one of those lopsided meetings at the Scarborough Civic Centre on Monday. The fun will be on Wednesday starting at 9:30am

    • So I was listening to OpinionTalk1010 and someone said “nobody in Scarborough wants an LRT”(?!)

      I live in Scarborough and I would rather have an LRT than nothing because Ford will not get the private sector to pay for the Sheppard Subway as he originally negotiated with McGuinty!

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