Need A New York State Of Mind

Sometimes these days it’s hard to believe that we here in Toronto live in a big city that should be dealing with 21st-century, post-industrial opportunities and problems. An alpha city? Really? An ‘important node in the global economic system’? Seriously?

Have you been watching us lately?

It’s been all, we hate streetcars, nickel and diming ‘fancy’ design, you know what would make this place really great?, ferris wheel/monorails kind of thinking. Hey, folks. Tune in every Monday to see how much weight our mayor and his councillor brother have lost this week. Toronto the Good? How about Toronto the Good for a laugh.

My downtown elite core is running low, I guess is what I’m saying. I need to plug into the urban motherlode, recharge the system. Get my head back into a hey, that’s right, I remember now why it is I live in a city space.

So to NYC, we. For a long weekend of city fun and frivolity, free from the Mayberry RFD mindset that has settled in, alien spacecraft like over 100 Queen Street West. The Bronx is up but the Battery’s down. It’s not that New York is where I’d rather be. It’s just that I get allergic smelling hay(seed). Toronto, I love you but for the next 3 days, give me Park Avenue.

No Sleep Till Brooklyn.

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1 thought on “Need A New York State Of Mind

  1. I know what you mean. In Toronto we are fighting (some of us anyway) to keep from going back to pre 1900 as far as libraries are concerned. Public transit is in terrible shape and we are fighting to keep it from becoming even worse. Torontians have incredibly low expectations and think this is normal. It is not normal: it is backwards and pathetic. Every time I see what conditions are like in a normal, modern city, I am embarrassed for Toronto.

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