Counting Heads Ahead Of The Budget

On Monday Social Planning Toronto released a list of councillor budget forums planned (or not) to give (or not give) their residents an opportunity to express their views (or not) about the upcoming budget. I think it’s instructive to see who’s doing what (or nothing) to reach out to citizens (or taxpayers) as part of their duty as an elected official.

Since all Scarborough councillors seem to be involved in a Scarborough wide forum – although be sure to do a headcount to make sure there aren’t shirkers trying to ride in on others’ coattails – let’s give them not only a pass but a shout out to those who’ve already had or are planning their own additional budgetary town hall. That would be Budget Chief Mike Del Grande.

Of the 34 remaining, non-Scarborough councillors, there is no mention at all of nine, Shelley Carroll, John Filion, Doug Ford, Doug Holyday, Giorgio Mammoliti, Peter Milczyn, James Pasternak, Anthony Perruzza, David Shiner. I attended a budget session with Councillor Carroll in December where she vowed to occupy anyone’s kitchen she was invited to to talk about the budget, so I figure she’s out there and involved. As for the other 8, I’ll withhold passing judgement at this point.

Seven councillors have already held budget meetings for their constituents. These include councillors Ana Bailão, Janet Davis, Sarah Doucette, Mike Layton, Joe Mihevc, Denzil Minnan-Wong and Gord Perks. Nine more have meetings scheduled between now and January’s council meeting on January 17th. That list is made up of councillors Maria Augimeri, Josh Colle, Mary Fragedakis, Josh Matlow, Pam McConnell, Mary-Margaret McMahon, John Parker (2), Adam Vaughan and Kristyn Wong-Tam. Councillor Vincent Crisanti has one in the works, time and place to be determined while Councillor Paula Fletcher is planning a tele-town hall.

That leaves 7 on record so far stating they have no plans to hold any sort of forum to discuss the upcoming 2012 budget with their constituents. Now, I don’t want to jump to conclusions here but looking at the names, I can’t help notice that they, more often than not, are part of the mayor’s team. Why wouldn’t they be out there explaining to their residents the ins-and-outs of the budget implications? Why aren’t they actively seeking an open discussion with those that elected them to office? In short, why aren’t they doing their jobs?

Something people might want to ask them.

Councillor Frank DiGiorgio. Councillor Mark Grimes. Councillor Gloria Lindsay Luby. Councillor Frances Nunziata. Councillor Cesar Palacio. Councillor Jaye Robinson. Councillor Karen Stintz.

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  1. Stintz has shown very little interest in keeping Ward 16 residents informed. She’s too embarrassed. Ignorance and apathy is how rogue councillors survive. Much of her voting record on this Council would disappoint her constituents and supporters. She’s walking a thin line, on more than one front. Ford better get rid of her soon or she’ll really get a leg-up on her campaign to replace him.

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