A Friday Switch `Er Up

Notice of Program Change:

For 30 Fridays now we have been posting our Meet A Mayoral Candidate segments. An attempt to shine a light on those registered candidates running for the office of mayor who weren’t attracting mainstream media attention. To introduce to a wider public (be it ever so humble in number), the views and platforms of the ‘other’ candidates that would be found on the ballot come October 25th.

But with just 6 Fridays left before election day, we’ve decided that enough is enough. It’s time we buckle down and get serious. Try to sort through this shit and figure out exactly who it is we want to be the next mayor of Toronto. Rather than expand the horizon of choice, we’re going to start winnowing it down.

So, starting later today we will be replacing Meet A Mayoral Candidate with another ongoing Friday series, Vision Quest 2010 (and hopefully not infringing on any trademarks although, why would we start worrying about that sort of thing now?) Vision Quest 2010, you ask? What’s that?

One by one, week by week, we will take a long, hard look at what it is the leading 5 candidates are bringing to the table and why on earth we’d want to elect one of them as our mayor. Did that sound harsh? I didn’t mean it to sound harsh.

Hold on. Wait a second. If there’s 6 Fridays to go but only 5 front running candidates, what exactly are you planning to do with that extra Friday? What gives?

You didn’t think we’d spend all that time out on the fringes, so to speak, without having anything to show for it. From the dozens of candidates we profiled over the course of Meet A Mayoral Candidate, we are putting one up front and centre, where we think they belong. To stake their claim right beside the five who’ve hogged all the spotlight up until now. In fact, we’re going to begin Vision Quest 2010 with our mysterious 6th candidate later today. Who will it be? Well, you’re just going to have to check back in later to find that out.

How’s that for a tease? A cliffhanger. Sure, it’s no Who Shot JR? But come on. It’s at least Meredith Grey finding out McDreamy was married. Who didn’t see that coming?

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