You’re Welcome, T.O.

Far be it from me to take credit where credit’s not due but 3 days after this site goes public – 3 days! – with a post that openly mocks the prospect of a second John Tory campaign for mayor of Toronto, the man announces he won’t be running again. Really. After months and months of heavy speculation about his candidacy in the wake of Mayor Miller’s surprise move to not seek re-election in 2K10®™©, Tory chooses yesterday, Thursday, to go public with his decision when on Monday it became clear we here at All Fired Up in the Big Smoke would not be endorsing him. Coincidence? I’ll let you be the judge.

But I will say this about Tory. As unsuitable and unappealing as the prospective was of him being mayor, he does seem to be genuinely interested in the well being of this city. Taking over as volunteer chair of the Toronto City Summit Alliance speaks volumes about Tory’s reasons for having left the cushy confines of private life 6 years ago for the ultimately thankless grind of public service. Civic duty. Giving back to society. Contributing to more than just your own well being. Something I’ve not yet seen so far in any of the declared candidates for mayor.

So thanks, John Tory. Thanks for heeding our advice (and warning) and deciding not to run for mayor. Thanks too for your continued commitment to the welfare of this city and to those that live here. There is no shame in working behind the scenes. That’s where some people do their best work.

John Tory. We salute you.

smugly stated by Cityslikr

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