Part III, Tesla Talk, With Just A Glimpse Of Musk

[Car proud, car envy. But so much more! New to these serial pages? Catch up, part I & part II].


“But she’s so self-righteous about it!” Avrum claims, and gets all incensed at my eye-roll. Yes, eye-roll, “I am not! That’s bullshit!”

Too easy.

Not to generalize but, in my experience, those who drive Teslas tend to portray themselves as, how to put this kindly, planetary saviours? They could be racing down the road, tossing fast food wrappers out the window as they go, rolling over endangered turtles and knocking spotted owls from the air and still claim the mantel of climate warrior. My Other Car Is A… Are you f’n kidding me? What other car?! Continue reading

A Resistible Rise

“Do you remember when I directed Arturo Ui with the kids?” Cecil asks me.

I didn’t. Not offhand. Cecil had been a secondary school English and drama teacher, exiting the profession, he claimed, before they replaced all books with instruction manuals. That was back a few years now. Retirement suited Cecil who’d definitely mellowed, became less ornery and cantankerous. Continue reading

Part II, Electric Car Bugaloo

[Is she or isn’t she? Vaccinated, that is. The second installment of what we may or may not be calling ‘Devine’s Intervention’. Already out of the loop? You can get all caught with Part One here.]


“How would I know?” dad responds, very defensively. “I would assume so,” he adds, regaining some of his usual measured manner.

“You’d assume so?!”

“Well, it’s not something you simply come out and ask someone you’re just getting to know now, is it.” Continue reading