Sessions Notes — Casuistry

[Excerpts from session notes of Dr. Barnaby Ebsen.]

“It’s the principle of thing.”

“What’s the principle?”

“What’s the—”

“Name it. This principle of the thing. A name gives it shape. Otherwise, it’s just this vague, amorphous badge of self-righteousness.”


“Otherwise, you’re just this guy who let the air out of the car tires of some poor soul with an accessible parking permit.” Continue reading

Reagan Chuckled

[dark ruminations in the dark hours…]

“I too attained majority and blossomed toward adulthood in the `80s, the 1980s, that is, swimming pools and movie stars, gleefully embracing the Morning in America zeitgeist that permeated throughout what all right-thinking people viewed as the Free World. Finally, to shuck off the heavy burden that we’d been existing under, the so-called ‘post-war consensus’. Consensus? Nobody asked me. Consensus, what consensus? Continue reading