The Perfect End To The Perfect Week


And I mean that sarcastically. This week’s Two Twits Talking is the perfect compendium to Monday’s angry post about the deplorable state of governance in this city.


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1 thought on “The Perfect End To The Perfect Week

  1. You guys finally ask the big question….How do we get better governance at city hall? You complain and complain about how Tory has not listened to ‘facts” as he promised us he would do. You liken him to being almost as bad as Rob saying “people tell me” or “I heard it at the coffee shop” and my mind is made up. You talk about the Gardner issue (before the vote) as if the Right Solution is staring him in the face but you fear he will still push through his Hybrid (albeit a totally revised version) come hell or high water .

    Listen he is the mayor of the whole city. Do you think everyone lives downtown and rides bikes and visits the waterfront? Many of the inner city feel the boulevard option is the right solution. Developers are salivating. For you to blame Tory for making this a divisive issue is self serving.

    I know you guys know what is right. help the poor; build boulevards; build bike lanes; built pubic housing; end carding; etc. etc. Those are noble causes alright. Almost the same problem faced by Greece as it contemplates being forced out the euro region unless it cuts pensions etc.. But the greek politicians have to make political decisions. Do they know the Right Decision?

    And I do not agree with the comment that we would be almost as better off with Doug Ford. I know this was said in a moment of anger but common guys surely this was only said out of frustration.

    I for one am happy that everything is civil. I for one am happy that councillors can speak their own minds without fear. You do give Tory a backhanded compliment when you say that although he does lobby, he does not whip his fellow councillors. Hell that is their job…to advocate for their constituents.

    Be grateful for small mercies and sometimes you guys just have to suck up your anger when your views are overlooked. The sky is not going to fall. Consider the alternative that we almost had.

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