From Afar With Frozen Pipes

If you take nothing else away from the first day of the 2014 budget debate, let it be this:todayslesson

From City Manager Joe Pennachetti, we have about reached cap level in finding savings for the city through efficiencies. There’s no more fat on the bone. Any further efficiencies will result in service and program cuts.

Also from the city manager, any continuation of raising property taxes at less than the rate of inflation (at least without some other source of revenue to fill the gap) is not sustainable. It is not fiscally responsible. It will lead to further reductions in services and programs in the long run.

Beware the city politician who now comes to you and says we can maintain all the services and programs we want, need and must provide through finding efficiencies and keeping tax increases unsustainably low.cuttothebone


They are selling you a bill of goods.

That’s what you need to take away from Wednesday.

Oh, and Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti is a douche. A malignant force on the political life of this city. A do-nothing elected representative unable to grasp even the most basic concepts of municipal governance.

Remember that.

And about efficiencies and low taxes.

And another thing. Councillor David Shiner is intent on further gutting the ability of the city to deliver the services and programs it is obligated to. texaschainsawmassacreHe sees gaps in job vacancies at City Hall and its inability to fill them as needed as some sort of failure to deliver those services and programs to the public. He demands a refund. Starve it and kill it.

And Councillor Doug Ford. See, Mammoliti, Giorgio above.

And one more thing. Budget Chief Frank Di Giorgio has absolutely no place being budget chief. He understands the numbers less than I do. And I’m not budget chief.

Remember all that as we go forward. Remember, all these councillors either don’t care or don’t know that the policies they’re pursuing are hindering the city’s ability to deal with the growth it’s experiencing in any sort of fair, healthy or sustainable manner. They all claim to respect the taxpayer, to be looking out for the taxpayer yet don’t seem to give a toss about the financial burnittothegroundwherewithal of the city they’re elected to represent to manage and its ability to deal with the future.

Remember all that going forward.

That, and Mayor Ford is in legal trouble again. Again.

It is days like these I am amazed these arsonists have not yet managed to burn this place to the ground.

icily submitted by Cityslikr

5 Responses to From Afar With Frozen Pipes

  1. The City Manager should have been saying that “there’s no fat” and “a less-than-inflation increase isn’t sustainable” a few years ago. Presumably the need to kiss RoFo’s butt is now somewhat diminished.

  2. Sonny says:

    Let’s be clear Rob is for a TAX HIKE. Just in the 1.75% range.
    While plumbing companies are turning down work. It’s hard to believe Di Giorgio was a math teacher and Shiner was once a Budget Chair because the budget has to be BALANCED before expecting LTT windfalls and TTC operators HAVE to be hired to drive the new vehicles due to ridership growth.

    Like any criminal organization it usually falls apart from within. Scott MacIntyre would know something about the Fords…

    P.S. If Tony Soprano was living in Etobicoke he’d be…

  3. Ron Wheeler says:

    Fordwalk Hempire….

  4. Ron Wheeler says:

    City council just voted to do the KPMG report AGAIN to see if there’s still budget bloat despite a previous report that came back as 98% efficient….

    On the other hand; city council votes against a report to determine the costs associated with the cancellation of the Scraborough LRT line…


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