HeartsnMindsTO — Episode 4

The urban-suburban divide from a suburban perspective. Idil Burale talks to Paisley Rae at HeartsnMindsTO, and suggests we try listening to each other rather than making uninformed assumptions. Stereotypes are just a failure of imagination.

guiltily submitted by Cityslikr

One Response to HeartsnMindsTO — Episode 4

  1. Sonny says:

    The people of Etobicoke will have a say at Etobicoke Community Council as just those 10 members vote…

    Ford’s byelection motion was 14 to 19. So they then voted 22 to 11 for an appointment. Spending taxpayer’s money for this unscheduled meeting at Ford’s request.

    So the people of Etobicoke CAN see who now seeks appointment. I don’t know who preceded Holyday is still alive and Doug should not get to promote his own successor. See how it turned out in Egypt.

    A.H. Aug. 31, 2012 – 86,604

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