You Get What You Vote For

See, folks?


This is what happens when we elevate to the mayor’s office a backward looking, anti-government populist focused only on undoing everything that has the mark of his predecessor on it. A giant sucking sound of instability, creating stress fractures throughout the entire region.

905 summit gathering shifts focus from attention-grabbing Toronto

We rightly get shunted aside, told to go stand in the corner like any petulant, intransigent child who just won’t stop acting up, and let the adults have an actual grown-up conversation. A little time out. Until we’re ready to actually contribute anything constructive.


And really? Who can blame them.

chidingly submitted by Cityslikr

3 thoughts on “You Get What You Vote For

  1. It used to be when Torontonians got angry they wrote a letter. If that didn’t work they wrote another letter. Now, it seems Torontonians write blogs. When nothing changes they write more blogs ad nauseam.

    This phenomenon occurs when citizens come lately to the issues. In both cases, the whiners and moaners feed off each other – all the while stamping their feet – annoyed that everybody else is so stupid as to not agree with their own politically-informed conclusions.

  2. When Rob was the keynote speaker at Blue & White Day; how did it turn out for the Leafs?
    P.S. lots of people are talking Transit

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