Councillor Christmas Continues

(Christmas day may be past but our City Hall holiday spirit continues. Today, Councillor Sarah Doucette, Ward 13, Parkdale-High Park!)

*  *  *


1) The Gift of Councilling: What is the one moment in 2012 that struck you as the best example of why it was you became a councillor?

High Park – rebuilding the Jamie Bell Playground within 4 months after the fire and keeping the High Park Zoo open.

2) Going Forward: In 2013, what is the one aspect you would like to see happen that would help develop better civic discourse?

Respect for the deputation process – This year I was only able to give residents 48 hours notice of a public meeting regarding the closure of the Runnymede Fire Station. This gave them less than 12 hours notice before the deputation registration deadline.


seasonally submitted by Councillor Sarah Doucette

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