The 10th Day of Christmas

On the 10th day of Christmas, oh god lord’s a-leaping it’s…

Raymond Cho! Ward 42, Scarborough-Rouge River

‘Cut! Cut! Cut!’

That has become the catchphrase of Councillor Raymond Cho, almost since the start of the Ford Administration. Hardly the hardest of hardcore supporters of the previous administration at City Hall, Cho was not initially so hostile to the new one. He flipped over from voting to bring in the Vehicle Registration Tax to going along with repealing it. He was prepared to ditch Transit City in favour of Mayor Ford’s new subway plan.

But then it all became about ‘Cut! Cut! Cut!’. In many ways, Councillor Cho has become the council face of Torontonians who’d initially fallen under the spell of candidate Ford and his promises of lower taxes without lower levels of service only to be shocked what his true motives were once he was elected mayor. Cut! Cut! Cut!

Cho is now as relentless a critic of the Ford Administration as there is at council. His grandfatherly approach and tentative ESL stylings belie a ferocious indignation at the direction our mayor is taking the city. Representing a section of the city severely screwed by the attempt to smother Transit City and replace it with a subway that won’t serve as many residents even in the unlikely event that it actually gets built, Councillor Raymond Cho could really make this his legacy issue. Saving transit for Scarborough.

Hell, if we’re dreaming big for the holidays here’s a honking huge wish for the new year. Councillor Cho leads the charge in disabusing residents of Scarborough of their continued schoolboy crush on Mayor Ford. Show them that the mayor’s doing them no favours whatsoever. In their neighbourhoods and communities, just like those throughout the entire city, it’s about one thing and one thing only. Tell them, Councillor Cho.

Cut! Cut! Cut!

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