Ferris Wheel Of Fortune

Great title, eh? Wasn’t ours. It was the good folks over at Torontoist where we’ve posted our thoughts about yesterday’s Executive Committee meeting.

Until tomorrow…

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4 thoughts on “Ferris Wheel Of Fortune

  1. Doug Ford’s vision is not jawdropping?! Though there is still some $230 million under Waterfront Toronto that they should not hand over to the new plan since it was meant for the original plan…

    Today, the Provincial writ dropped and comparatively the NDP are positive. The Liberals have given too much to read and the PCs are negative by going anti-immigrant.

  2. I was at Committee Room #1 until 7 p.m. but cannot find what the decision was in the end. Can anyone elighten me. How anyone could vote for handing over to TPLC after hearing all the presentations, I have difficulty imagining.

    • Dear PatCat,

      When it comes to the Executive Committee, we here at All Fired Up in the Big Smoke like to paraphrase the closing lines in the classic film, Chinatown. “Forget it, PatCat. It’s the Executive Committee.”

      The Executive Committee is not designed to listen to the public or do the public’s will. It is there only to set and further the mayor’s agenda. The Mayor Ford Executive Committee is excessively designed that way as there is not one dissenting voice at the table.

      It will be up to the council to stop the TPLC from seizing the waterfront properties. Tuesday’s committee meeting was just there to give the appearance of listening to the public.

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