No, We Hadn’t Forgotten You

Our take on yesterday’s Public Works and Infrastructure Committee meeting is over at the Torontoist today. It’s our ongoing attempt to cultivate a higher class of readership.

Back with you riff-raff tomorrow.

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3 thoughts on “No, We Hadn’t Forgotten You

  1. Dear City; that means that 99plus% of Public Works is core! I noticed the consultants recommended chopping Pet licenses & Business permits that earn money; that they call “non-essential”

    P.S. Don’t leave me High & Dry…

  2. I was trying to figure out what the KPMG really was all about since upon its release all the radio stations went on about cutting old people and babies out of help. Anyways, as a novice in politics what has Ford wasted in cutting transit plans, taking away bike lanes, and making changes?

    • Dear jeff; kiboshing the 122 km Transit City Plan would be $140-150 milllion plus $1 billion in contracts that will have to be renegotiated.

      When Fordites take away bike lanes after sorting out the seperated bike lanes; $400-500 thousand!

      Making the Eglinton LRT underground; an additional $4 billion plus that was diverted away from the other routes which leaves the Sheppard Subway on its own for now as questionable…

      P.S. I heard on a right wing talk radio station; the consultants are proposing doing away from late night TTC services & routes, privatization?!

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