The Bad New Just Keeps On Coming

So the bad news just keeps flowing in for Toronto. Last week, the British Council’s OPENCities project ranked Toronto the third most “Open” city in the world. Yikes! What did we do now?

Apparently, measuring an “Open” city consists of looking at factors including diversity policies, quality of life and education to determine “… the capacity of cities…to attract and benefit from international populations…” Of the cities participating, only London and New York fared worse than Toronto. Having elected Team Ford, at least we’ll be trying to rectify such shortcomings.

“Openness is a real advantage for cities if they are pursuing plans to be internationally connected and play international roles. Whilst some of the factors influencing openness are beyond the direct control of cities, many of these factors are well within the control or immediate influence of city governments: the city’s identity and character; its education, housing and cultural offer; the kind of local democracy it practices and the forms of participation it encourages.”


Then RealNet Canada pops up to tell us that new homes sales in the GTA last year increased 8% over 2009 and that the condominium market jumped by 30% during that time. “Interestingly,” George M. Carras, RealNet Canada’s President says, “the Downtown West submarket accounted for almost one quarter of the GTA’s total new condominium sales.” Oh no! Only a quarter?! Repeal that Land Transfer Tax. Stat!

Worse yet, 905 outpaced 416 in total sales, 55% to 45% last year although the RealNet report claims new home development in the City of Toronto continues on an upward trend, “…almost double what it was ten years ago,” says Mr. Carras. Clearly, this is a city that has been mismanaged and misruled for too long. Our politicians know it. Our media knows it. All right thinking citizens know it. Now, even outsiders and the “experts” like the British Council and RealNet Canada with their studies and data know it too.

The secret is out. Toronto’s a terrible place to live, work and play. Pass it on.

alarmistly submitted by Cityslikr

5 thoughts on “The Bad New Just Keeps On Coming

  1. 3rd place isn’t bad given the Openness of Toronto…The list is mostly concerned about the Anglosphere. I remember when a Canadian Business paper ranked Toronto low as a place to do business. The thing is there are 2.7 million people in this market. We should remember that the Financial Meltdown was brought to the World by London & New York!(smile)

    As for the real estate numbers. I remember the president of TREB last week deputation for the elimination of the 1% Land Transfer Tax. The thing is people were wealthy enough to pay it because they were trying to get the purchase done before the HST or the eventual 0.75% rise in interest rates last year. People want to move in to and live in Toronto. Contrarianly Yours, Sonny

  2. “Having elected Team Ford, at least we’ll be trying to rectify such shortcomings.”

    “The secret is out. Toronto’s a terrible place to live, work and play. Pass it on.”

    “David Miller and the NDP made huge improvements in Toronto over the past 7 years.”

    “Miller’s adherence to sustainability in fiscal management has made Ford’s job easier.”

    You tell it like it is cityslikr!

    • And the same to you mcflash, I haven’t seen anything of substance from you. We’re even then. I like it that way. I’m all for treating people as equals. I’m not one for slagging others for being stupid or fat, for example. We all have our talents. Many of those in “Ford Country” are talented people and deserve more respect than is leveled at them here in AFUITBS. I know some who fix my hi-tech heating system, my hybrid car and my dishwasher. I could easily do without another wanker on the dole but to me many in “Ford Country” are indispensable.

      Miller was a poor communicator. Does that make him “bad”? I wouldn’t say so but I suppose in your simplistic world it all comes down to “good or bad”. Being Mayor is more complicated than just being “good or bad”, that’s what Rob Ford is finding out and what eluded Miller.

      Remember, the head libtard here doesn’t want anybody communicating with me. It’s too risky. He’s looking to get off the dole and is only interested in sycophants. (They’re like “joeypants” only with no legs to stand on, just like you.)

      • Well, well, well, “Peter MacQuarie”.

        Nicely played. We here at All Fired Up in the Big Smoke tip our hats to you. So fully did you inhabit the character of a pin-headed, bloviating, half-witted knob, that we were completely suckered in, hook, line and sinker. You took it to Sparkish levels, you did. Give yourself a nice slap on the back for a job well done. We were totally captivated and responded as such.

        But Mr. Walthorpe is right. The joke has grown stale, almost mildewy so. Had we not been so taken in, we might’ve recognized the signs of slight mask slippage. I mean, seriously. You jumped the shark when you called someone in the comments section ‘poopiehead’, we believe it was.

        Still it was a nice run and I’m sure you’ll find some other unsuspecting site, looking to foment discussion and debate that will fall for your ruse. You do it well. You should be proud of yourself. Kudos.

        So long and thanks for contributing to the comments section here at All Fired Up in the Big Smoke. It’s been a fun ride.

        Take care of yourself now and make sure to write… No wait. Don’t bother.

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