OK, so we’ve finally caved to our older demographic who have been moaning and complaining for months about how difficult our site and its black background was to read. Where we saw edgy noirish, they saw blurry. “I don’t care what you have to say,” they harped. “If you’re gonna make me squint, I ain’t reading it.”

So here. Happy now, grandpa?

We’re not completely satisfied with the look just yet, and would like to add more things like blog rolls and links to all you fine people and sites out there that we read and would like to promote . We’re just kind of retarded technologically speaking, and we’re not being glib with that word either. It’s taken us all weekend just to arrive at the changes you’re looking at. So, clearly the process is going to be a torturous one. Please bear with us.

pleadingly submitted by Cityslikr

6 Responses to Renovations

  1. I liked it fine just the way it was. Now I’m supposed to spruce up my place? Why can’t you just stay off my lawn?

    Dern fool kids these days.

    • cityslikr says:

      Dear Orwell,

      Yes. The elderly can be so relentlessly dogmatic when they finally latch onto something after honing in on it with their increased sense of smell that compensates for the loss of sight.

      Thank good senior citizenship is a long way off for us here at All Fired Up in the Big Smoke!

  2. Walt says:

    This grandpa is happy now.
    The old site seemed “underworldly”, most certainly by design. Now it feels like I’m floating on a cloud with angels by my side.
    Or is it that the meds are just kicking in?
    In any case….nice!

  3. Tim Falconer says:

    Joke about old people all you want, but design makes a difference when you’re competing against every other blog on the internet. I predict more readers, more Twitter followers and more inane comments here.

  4. Sonny Yeung says:

    Great! you have the blue and white of the Star and the orange of the Sun(Quebecor)Now you need the large print fonts.(smile)

    • cityslikr says:

      Dear Sonny,

      So glad you noticed the colour design. Reflecting all sides of the political spectrum we here at All Fired Up in the Big Smoke endeavour to present.

      (A-hem. **cough** **cough**)

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