Toronto Centre: A Request

Dear Voters of Toronto Centre,

As you go to the polls tomorrow, please consider this request from us interested Toronto outsiders observing the proceedings.

Would you mind electing either the NDP’s Cathy Crowe or Stefan Premdas of the Green Party please? (We would never endorse a PC candidate, still smarting as we are from the Mike Harris downloading and enforced amalgamation.) It would be most appreciated if you would take a pass on Liberal Glen Murray.

Why, you ask?

Well, we’d like him to rethink the idea of running for mayor. I know, I know. Talk about awkward, him throwing his hat into the ring against George Smitherman whose provincial seat he wants to fill.. I know where you’re going with that but don’t.. It’s just that George seems to have disappeared. Is he still in the race? Even if he is, we think Glen would be a better a mayor.

He’s already been one once, over yonder in Winnipeg. And by all accounts, he was quite good. Murray was certainly a leading advocate on the national scene, pushing for increased municipal powers back in the day. We could certainly use more of that here now.

It’s true, having a strong municipal advocate in the provincial government might be beneficial, but we’re talking this particular provincial government. This blandly innocuous Liberal brand of being only slightly less destructively neoliberal than their predecessors. Maybe if Glen could be guaranteed the Ministry of Urban Affairs and Housing (our evil overlord), there might be a little more enthusiasm for a Murray win on Thursday. But it’s hard to think that they’d move Jim Bradley after just giving him the portfolio 3 weeks ago.

Besides, no one entering this government emerges the same or at all useful. They are immediately submerged into the goo of McGuinty mediocrity and wind up skittish, craven and ultimately ineffectual. Glen Murray deserves to be steered clear of that sad, sad fate.

So, good voters of Toronto Centre, do us all a solid and don’t elect Glen Murray as your M.P.P. tomorrow. Leave him to run for mayor. Do it for Toronto. Do it for yourselves.

Thank you for your consideration.

beseechingly submitted by Urban Sophisticat

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