Haiti In Ruins

Kind of just reduces all our problems, concerns, differences of opinions to little more than petty squabbling, huh?

Holy Jesus Christ on a stegosaurus in a creationist museum! How on earth in this day and age of technological wonder and obscene amounts of wealth did we allow this to happen? No, we couldn’t have stopped or even predicted the earthquake but as previous natural disasters like hurricanes and typhoons indicated, Haiti was clearly unprepared to face this kind of catastrophic event. It was a sitting duck. A lamb to the slaughter.

The Loma Prieta earthquake near San Francisco in 1989 was of similar magnitude. It occurred at roughly the same time of day, late afternoon. All told less than 70 people died. While numbers of casualties will be a long time in coming in Haiti, I think it safe to assume the toll will tally.. a-hem..  somewhat higher.

But, but, but, you’ll stammer. Come on! You can’t compare the two events. All earthquakes, regardless of magnitude, are different. And somewhere like California is prepared for earthquakes. They’ve invested in building to proper codes, yaddie, yaddie, yaddie. Which is my point exactly! How did we leave a country so vulnerable to something like this? And I love it when my own circular logic bolsters my argument.

Much has been written and talked about here in Canada since Tuesday of Haiti being the 2nd largest recipient of foreign aid from us after Afghanistan. Not to criticize or question that fact but exactly how much worse could Haiti be without our help? It seems to be a country with the barest minimum of infrastructure in place. What are we doing wrong? Again, that’s not a criticism of the organizations in place down there or our government but clearly shit’s not working.

I’m sure in the days, weeks and months ahead we’re going to be hearing about our complicity in the manufacturing of this disaster. Stories will be revealed about yet another 3rd world country strangled into submission by multinational business interests headquartered up here in the northern portions of this hemisphere. It is, after all, a tale that lies at the heart of the collective histories of the Caribbean, Latin and South America. Nobody’s hands are free of blood in that matter.

Some hands are bloodier than others, mind you:

It is times like these when I wish I were a religious man. I’d saunter up to Pat in our own little corner of hell and laugh and laugh and laugh for all eternity. I think the everlasting pain and anguish would be worth it.

For those of you looking to contribute more concretely to Haitian relief, the CBC has a good page of agencies requesting our donations. Click here.

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4 thoughts on “Haiti In Ruins

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  2. Good writing. You know, the first night people put bodies out on the street. No choice. What else do you do? Just can’t imagine putting my loved ones’ bodies out on the street. Says to me I’ve led a lucky life. Then Pat comes along and says they deserve to see Hell on Earth. Talk about feeling privileged! I hope he gets hit by a meteorite. Let his followers explain THAT event away. And yet, in my hatred, the hatred grows…

  3. Deal with the Devil? Where does he come up with this stuff? How can he possibly be allowed to say that in a public forum? Napoleon the 3rd? What?

    I also gotta say that blaming multinationals for Haiti’s problems is a little too easy and speculative. Corporations are directly and deliberately responsible for many evils, but Haiti (and its almost non-existent infrastructure) is, I think, a victim of other tragic evils.

    • Dear scottalbert@gmail.com

      We here at All Fired Up in the Big Smoke are nothing if not easy and speculative. To probe any further into the Haitian mire would require more research and analytical thinking than any of us here possess with the exception of Acaphelgmic but he’s been too busy attending Avatar screenings to be much use in this matter presently.

      But I encourage you to continue following our posts as you will see us easily and predicatably faulting multinational corporations whenever an opportunity presents itself.

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