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Dr. Barnaby Ebsen

A Doctor of Philosophies (there is more than one way to skin a cat). Celebrity psilocybin facilitator. Moderator of discourse that plunges into the meaning of life.



Daren Foster

On Hiatus — Hunkering down to write his third unpublished novel.



Disinterested – Like any progressive thought leader (yes, as a matter of fact), followed the money right into the bowels of a public relations firm, one with a particular conservative bent because, as a strategist on the make, that’s where the real action is.

Urban Sophisticat

Cease & desist – Epic legal wrangling ensued with the winding down of the previous incarnation back in 2016. Copyright. Distribution. Residuals. What residuals?! There was never any money in this thing! Long and short of it, this guy was always an asshole.


Deceased – Owing to a preexisting condition – not to be ageist about it – old age. “I die as I lived,” he purported to have uttered on his death slab (a long, probably very fanciful story). “Old.” Your guess is as good as ours.

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