When There’s Nothing Left To Burn…


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6 Responses to When There’s Nothing Left To Burn…

  1. alanbarthel says:

    Sorry to hear this, but we all go through at least one existential crisis at one time or another. Hope you’ll be back!

  2. Ron Wm. Hurlbut says:

    They wore you down. If you quit, it means the a-holes have won.

  3. Hopefully this is temporary, your take on municipal politics coupled with your writing style and wit have made you must read.

  4. Kris C Scheuer says:

    It’s been a great run. Enjoy what comes next. Hope to see you back soon,

  5. JES9 says:

    I’m not surprised about your existential crisis. Between Wynne and Tory, I’ve just about given up about the state of engagement by citizens to bring local politicians to book. The so-called non-party status of councillors lets them get away with incompetence because there’s no cohesive group actively engaged with a platform of issues. And the Mayor gets away with the bully pulpit.

  6. Paul Ainslie says:


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