A Little Hopeful Wish

May 7, 2014

It was so genteel almost. So… not serene, exactly. Agreeable, maybe?

snoozeEven a brief interlude of disquiet with some grandstanding bluster from the dwindling Ford-Mammoliti faction fizzled, not without the desired photo op but a quick fade into ultimate meaningless insignificance.

Isn’t this supposed to be how a proper city council meeting operates? With a little bit of fireworks, only to highlight the relative monotony of local governance. Vigorous public input occurring at the committee level and everything more or less settled by the time it hits council. tumbleweedsA platform constructed for councillors to make their position on items public. A flourish of sound bite theatrics. Policy positions stated for the record.

Dreary proceedings. That’s what municipal government is all about. Deadly dull but deathly important.

I won’t lie to you. It was something of a disappointment to look up into the public gallery at mid-afternoon to see row and row of empty seats. Where were the crowds of angry spectators, told to keep their peace or risk ejection from the chambers? What happened to the buzz, the riled, edgy mob bordering on riot?

(We know one of them was allegedly in rehab and another, well, whatever it is Doug Ford does that passes for elected representation.)

The proper running of a city isn’t about mortal combat, a do-or-die matter of will this item or that motion pass. Not every city council meeting should be a struggle to the death. That’s what happens when an administration refuses to compromise or views any sort of concession as a sign the entire world is aligned against it. wellbehavedIt’s the only possible outcome when you refuse to consider other points of view. When you declare you have a mandate.

The best thing that could happen (except for those writing newspaper headlines) is for council to finish its monthly business today with as little noise as possible. Done and done in two days. Not much fuss. Not much bother. Maybe even wrap things up early. A shining example, after 3+ years of prolonged toil and tumult every time council met, of how things can be run, should be run, need to be run.

Fingers crossed and here’s hoping.

quietly submitted by Cityslikr