Moving On

May 19, 2013

At least the timing works.

Heading off on a little jaunt and, as always, passingly sad about missing any City Hall doings. The special casino meeting called for Tuesday, for example. You don’t have to be out of the city for too many days to be assured of something of interest happening in your absence. Blink and you’ll miss it.

And then Thursday happened.

In a matters of hours, the casino debate collapsed, followed by a massive bloodletting at the OLG. That lip smacking turn of events quickly overshadowed by allegations of more mayoral misbehaviour. Never, ever a dull moment.

I was trying to finish off a couple posts before checking out but they just sort of sagged under the weight of accumulating baggage. Every sentence and point needing some caveat. In normal times, this would apply… All things being equal…

It would be, I don’t know, novel if this was an exceptional circumstance. Who doesn’t like a little salacious gossip with their politics? Problem is, here in Toronto, it’s all become boringly routine. Not weekly but certainly monthly wouldn’t be much of an exaggeration. The circus has come to town and refuses to leave.

As hard as it may be to believe, none of this brings me much pleasure or glee. I abhor everything Rob Ford stands for as a politician. Doesn’t mean I wish him ill as a person. My preference would be to see him run out of town because of his woefully misguided policies and inability to push forward anything resembling a coherent agenda, not whatever demons may be haunting him personally.

Either way you look at this, it is a clusterfuck of monumental proportions. A dynamic that hangs over every bit of city business. It isn’t a leadership vacuum. It’s a leadership black hole, sucking all light and matter into it.

If the defenders of the mayor are right and this is just the latest in a long line of conspiracies perpetrated by people who refuse to acknowledge the legitimacy of his election, holy shit, we are sad, sad lot, all adherence to the democratic process null and void. With each passing incident, however, this concept of dark forces aligned against him stretches credulity ever thinner. And if the video proves to be legitimate, and Mayor Ford actually did what he did, said what he said on it, well, it’s hard to see a way he gets past this even with his infamous Houdini skills of slipping out of tight spots that finish off the careers of other, mere mortal politicians.

Either way, his mayoralty has become an increasing liability to the proper running of this city. He is the millstone hanging heavily around the neck of good governance, the source of dysfunction at City Hall. If his colleagues at City Hall hope to salvage this term as anything more than some freak show oddity, a footnote that future generations will simply laugh and shake their heads at, they now have to step forward and past the mayor’s office to take charge of the agenda and act as if he’s no longer a contributing member of council. He’s become that much of a distraction.

— espanaly submitted par Cityslikr