Back To You, Executive Committee

April 16, 2013

No real surprises during my time at the Executive Committee public deputations on the casino issue yesterday except for the weird, continued contortions going on at the mayor’s office.


The city needs the revenue, the administration claims, whatever that revenue may be, despite previous assurances that Toronto didn’t have a revenue problem. A casino will bring [make up your number here] of jobs to Toronto, well paying, union jobs, the mayor declares, a concern which has never seemed to be much on his radar until now. And then there’s downtown versus Woodbine, the haves versus the have-nots. It was all about looking out for the little guy, remember? Now it’s the big boy developers and out-of-town movers-and-shakers.

Mayor Ford 2014 is essentially campaigning against Mayor Ford 2010. (h/t @paisleyrae)

I’m not sure many minds were changed with Monday’s deputations. That’s probably not the reason for them anyway. If anything, opinions were just further entrenched.


The real politicking starts today, as the debate goes into the Executive Committee. It’s not at all clear Mayor Ford has the votes to even get the motion out onto the council agenda. But I imagine members of the Executive Committee won’t want to be solely responsible for killing a casino, if that’s the way it goes. They’ll put that decision fully on city council’s plate.

So the saga continues, staggering dubiously toward a quiet finale. Until at least the next campaign season.

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