Another Post Deferred

What’s with all these committee meetings going into the late-afternoon and evening? It’s supposed to be lickety-split, a couple hours, I get the vibe of the room and I’m home to write it up. Instead it’s like all day affairs as if people don’t have other things on their plate.


Not to mention afternoon baseball this week. By the time the game’s over, I’m sedated on the couch, stuffed full of nachos, chicken wings and Nyquil & ginger. Yes it is a thing.

How do the councillors get other stuff done?

More to the point, how do City Hall reporters do it, attending these meetings and writing about them?

How do you do it, Daniel Dale of the Star, Hamutal Dotan of Torontoist, Don Peat of the Sun, Ben Spurr of NOW, to name just a few. You people aren’t human. You are machines!

So I’m two behind already with Planning and Growth Committee today. Let’s hope it’s a short one so I can do a little catching up.


This is a grind, man.

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