Project 23 Update

September 14, 2011

I know you’ve been prepped for some exciting news from us today, all thanks to a certain Mr. David Hains. The reality, I fear, will hardly live up to such hype. You’ve been warned.

In short, the idea for Project 23 has not gone dormant, friends. Yes, we recognize that the clock is ticking, the cuts and crazy plans just keep on a-coming. Time is of the essence.

Some of us have been at work on the idea, not in any exclusionary way, just to establish a basic template from which to open it to a wider participation. But, summer being summer and people wanting to take some ‘time off’, progress has been slower than hoped. Besides, Team Ford did not rest through the month of August which kept many of us distracted from concentrating on Project 23.

Fear not, folks. Unleashing time is nigh. A web presence is near up and going (complete with a little rebrand tweak). A larger force is mobilizing this coming weekend. Our initial public offering is very, very close. As I am hardly the brains behind this operation, I cannot tell you the exact date but I don’t think sometime next week should be ruled out. (Could I be anymore non-committal? Not even if I tried. Like I said, I am not the brains at work here.)

Just rest assured, all of you. Work is being done. Plans are being made. Project 23 is about to come into being.

Thanks to everyone for keeping the idea alive and to the many of you who’ve begun doing their own thing in getting involved, contacting councillors and generally serving notice that Torontonians are not just taxpayers. We are active, engaged citizens who aren’t going to roll over in the face of this administration’s outrageous assault on everything that makes our city great.

Keep the faith. Keep your ears to the ground. Don’t Stop Believing.

dutifully submitted by Cityslikr